Ready to discover the fun and empowering experience of pole and aerial fitness?

The uplifting way to keep fit

At Ultimate Aerial Fit you’ll find the space to rediscover yourself physically and emotionally, building your fitness levels and confidence. Because pole and aerial fitness offers core body strength and toning in a fun, social setting, you’ll not only get a leaner, fitter body, but you’ll challenge your self-belief while making new friends.

You might think you're not cut out for pole training. Or that your body's not the right size for aerial hoop. But this is far from the truth.

At our pole training and aerial hoop classes in Harlow, you'll be joining a community of women of all shapes, sizes and ages in a friendly and safe environment. Many of them didn’t think they’d be cut out for it either, but loved the inspiring, supportive atmosphere and positive change in their body so much that they quickly signed up for membership!

  I'm not one for liking fitness or exercise however I absolutely love Ultimate Aerial Fit! I look forward to it every week and love booking additional PT sessions when I can. It's a great way to keep fit, have fun and gain confidence at the same time. Each week I look forward to learning new moves and I would recommend it to everyone!
- Sam, Ultimate Aerial Fit member

You'll benefit from small classes where you’ll get individual encouragement. We’ll be there to cheer you on and celebrate with you when you ace that new move!

  •  Rediscover yourself in a fun, non-judgemental community of women just like you
  •  Small classes of up to 9, giving you more individual attention and support plus the chance to make real friendships
  •  A full class timetable, 6 days a week, helping you find more ‘me’ time within your busy lifestyle
  •  Flexible payment options: Pay As You Go to fit classes around your schedule, or make the most of a membership package to save yourself money
  •  Experience the empowering sense of achievement in conquering new moves and routines, building your confidence and overall fitness

Are you ready to tone up, have fun and feel good?

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