Meet the Team


Emma Buggins


My passion for Aerial Fitness began back in November 2016. I went to my first Pole Fitness class with the attitude that I would never be able to do it. 2 years on and I have had the pleasure of creating Ultimate Aerial Fit.

Putting my body through things I never thought I could. Ultimate Aerial Fit is not just about Fitness, but more about having fun, doing something you will quickly fall in love with.

Aerial Fitness has many benefits, one of them being strength. Putting your body through things it never thought it could. When I started Aerial Fitness, lets just say I was a lot bigger! I have lost almost 4 stone through doing something I am so passionate about.

The enjoyment I got out of classes was the reason why I kept going back, the friends I made, the progress in my body, the progress in the moves I could do. We're not just a studio, but a family, filled with members who support each other through everything they do.

Currently holding qualifications within Aerial Hoop, I also hold a Foundation Degree within childcare. I have worked within childcare now for the past 7 years. My love for Aerial and my love for childcare will be combined, offering my teaching within children's classes for the future.


Amber Dogherty

Lead Instructor

Amber became an instructor at Pole Train Fitness in August 2015 and continues her journey with Ultimate Aerial Fit. A fully qualified Exercise to Music instructor, her list of qualifications are growing rapidly! Her professional training includes Pole Fitness, Pole Silks, Aerial Hoop, Contortion and Kids Pole Sports. Amber is also an approved PDC Level 3 Instructor and offers one-to- one classes in all disciplines.
Her latest achievement was placing 3rd in the UK at the Aerial Performance UK Championships in the Lyra Instructor category 2017.

She continues to develop her teaching portfolio, with further courses scheduled to extend her teaching abilities, with plans to continue competing in Lyra to hopefully one day come 1st and ensure her knowledge is kept fresh and current.

An avid sports woman, Amber has always led an active lifestyle, involving herself in a number of sports throughout her life. However, it wasn't until she joined Pole Train Fitness as a student in 2014 that she realised her true passion.

What started out as additional work to her full time job, Amber now is full time in the aerial world, teaching throughout the week. Her love of aerial fitness has taken over, encouraging her to develop her hobbies further, qualifying as an instructor in a number of disciplines and allowing her to share her passion with others.

With each qualification, Amber finds her love of aerial fitness growing. She appreciates first-hand the benefits of pole fitness, and working in the industry gives her an ideal platform to share her experiences and enthusiasm with others.


Natalya Payne


Natalya gained great understanding and interest in the world of dance during her childhood and teenage years in Russia. She began learning Pole Dance in autumn 2013 and since arriving in England has continued to progress her skills at Pole Train.

Now a qualified Pole Fitness and Exercise to Music instructor, Natalya joined the team at Pole Train Fitness to teach a sport that she is very passionate about. She is an approved PDC Level 3 Instructor and also offers private tuition in Pole Fitness. She continues that journey with Ultimate Aerial Fit.

Natalya has a degree in Linguistics and has had the opportunity to teach English language to children and adults in the classroom and on a one-to- one basis. She has transferred these teaching skills to the studio, providing a different environment where she can share her knowledge and passion for aerial sports.

With a keen interest in spinning and exotic pole, Natalya has an elegance and grace which makes everything look effortless. A fantastic performer, she always has the audience mesmerised by her pole presence. She continues to develop her qualifications and skills, sharing the beauty of aerial fitness and infecting others with her passion.