Where it all began. My story.

There’s no denying that pole has a reputation, and like most people I too hadn’t appreciated it for the pure strength and skill the sport entails. For me, pole fitness had given me back the confidence I had lost and I was finally feeling good about myself again. At 36, two children, and working full-time, I understood how easily people get swallowed up with life, forgetting about themselves and losing their identity - I wanted to change this. I wanted to share the buzz I got, not just from pole fitness, but from exercise in general. I wanted to encourage others to give pole fitness a try, feel good, have fun and most of all, and be confident in themselves.

...and so Pole Train Fitness was born!

My vision for the Company is to provide a community where our clients can exercise in a fun and enjoyable way, benefitting from the physical, mental and social experience we offer; reminding them that exercise doesnt have to be a chore!

Faye Brownjohn - Owner of Pole Train Fitness

Meet the Team


Faye Brownjohn


The owner of Pole Train Fitness, Faye continues with a hands-on approach, teaching a number of classes and personal training clients at her Harlow based studio.

A fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Faye began in the fitness industry at the age of 17. Whilst a change in career deterred her for a number of years, her passion for fitness remained and after settling down to have a family she returned to the industry, rejoining the teaching circuit in 2013.

It was the strength element of pole fitness which sparked Faye's initial interest in the sport. A competitive weightlifter in her youth, she represented her local county during her school years. Weight training continues to remain high in her own personal training regime. In April 2016 Faye competed in her first bodybuilding competition and plans to take part in further events.

Faye continues to extend her knowledge and qualifications further, allowing her to teach a multitude of disciplines and offer her students a variety of classes. Her fitness qualifications include Pole Fitness (Advanced level), Pole Silks & Pole Fabrics, Advanced Stretching, High Intensity Interval Training and Suspension Training. Faye is also an approved PDC Level 3 Instructor.


Amber Dogherty

Lead Instructor

Amber became an instructor at Pole Train Fitness in August 2015. A fully qualified Exercise to Music instructor, her list of qualifications are growing rapidly! Her professional training includes Pole Fitness, Pole Silks, Aerial Hoop, Contortion and Kids Pole Sports. Amber is also an approved PDC Level 3 Instructor and offers one-to- one classes in all disciplines.
Her latest achievement was placing 3rd in the UK at the Aerial Performance UK Championships in the Lyra Instructor category 2017.

She continues to develop her teaching portfolio, with further courses scheduled to extend her teaching abilities, with plans to continue competing in Lyra to hopefully one day come 1st and ensure her knowledge is kept fresh and current.

An avid sports woman, Amber has always led an active lifestyle, involving herself in a number of sports throughout her life. However, it wasn't until she joined Pole Train Fitness as a student in 2014 that she realised her true passion.

What started out as additional work to her full time job, Amber now is full time in the aerial world, teaching throughout the week. Her love of aerial fitness has taken over, encouraging her to develop her hobbies further, qualifying as an instructor in a number of disciplines and allowing her to share her passion with others.

With each qualification, Amber finds her love of aerial fitness growing. She appreciates first-hand the benefits of pole fitness, and working in the industry gives her an ideal platform to share her experiences and enthusiasm with others.


Natalya Payne


Natalya gained great understanding and interest in the world of dance during her childhood and teenage years in Russia. She began learning Pole Dance in autumn 2013 and since arriving in England has continued to progress her skills at Pole Train.

Now a qualified Pole Fitness and Exercise to Music instructor, Natalya is excited to join the team at Pole Train Fitness to teach a sport that she is very passionate about. She is an approved PDC Level 3 Instructor and also offers private tuition in Pole Fitness.

Natalya has a degree in Linguistics and has had the opportunity to teach English language to children and adults in the classroom and on a one-to- one basis. She has transferred these teaching skills to the studio, providing a different environment where she can share her knowledge and passion for aerial sports.

With a keen interest in spinning and exotic pole, Natalya has an elegance and grace which makes everything look effortless. A fantastic performer, she always has the audience mesmerised by her pole presence. She continues to develop her qualifications and skills, sharing the beauty of aerial fitness and infecting others with her passion.


Emma Buggins


Emma began as a Student of Pole Train Fitness in 2016. Although a regular gym goer, aerial fitness was something new for her. Emma’s love for all things aerial was instant and has evolved, leading her to complete her Aerial Hoop instructor qualification in 2017, giving her the platform to share her new found passion with others.

With a foundation degree in early years, Emma has worked in childcare for over 7 years. With her added love of aerial fitness, she is keen to combine the two to become an instructor for our younger members, promoting fun and engaging activities to encourage an active lifestyle.

With her positive attitude and flexible approach to teaching, Emma joins the Pole Train Fitness team in January 2018, teaching aerial hoop classes and offering personal tuition too. We can’t wait!


Katerina Corken


Katerina started Aerial life as your standard student "I have no upper body strength at all (and she didn't!)..."

Before taking up aerial Katerina had run marathons, half marathons, done triathlons, swum the Thames, climbed mountains and more but none of that captured her attention quite like Aerial!

2 years after taking her first aerial class Katerina was inspired and achieved her qualification and started teaching. From that first class (and needing a major helping hand into the hoop) Katerina is now a qualified instructor in the following disciplines: Execise to Music, Circus Fit, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Yoga and Stretch qualified, with further qualifications planned for 2018 including Aerial Sling!

Aerial and everything from stretching to floor circuts to Aerial Circuits is a true passion. She will push you to try more, do more and achieve more! I'm sure you'll agree, Katerina proves to be a fantastic addition to our Pole Train Fitness team.


Daniella Bavetta


A gym enthusiast, Dani is a qualified Gym Instructor who also teaches Pole Suspension Training, Circuit Training, Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop and Hula Hoop at the Pole Train Fitness studio. Dani is also an approved PDC Level 3 instructor and offers private tuition.

She continues to extend her knowledge and qualifications in a number of disciplines, allowing her to teach a variety of activities to our members.

With a background in dance from the age of 4, Dani has always had a keen interest in performing, studying at Performing Arts college for 3 years in her teens. She took up pole fitness in 2014 and her natural strength and dance experience has allowed her to progress with ease. Her love of pole fitness ignited her desire to teach, educating others to make them fitter, stronger and more confident.

Not one for conventional hobbies, Dani has a love of extreme activities and dangerous sports. Fire breathing, fire hoop and stilt walking are just some of the activities she regularly takes part in at her leisure (not your average past-time!).

With her bubbly and supportive nature, Dani is a perfect addition to the Pole Train team. A friendly face, you'll be in awe of her strength and natural grace, but don't be fooled - she's not afraid to work you hard to help you get the results you are after!