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10 Apr 2018
Sleep Stronger!

We talk alot about healthy eating and exercise, but did you know that SLEEP is the body's most crutial supplement?  Not only does it aid our sporting performance, but also helps muscle growth and repair, as well as having a profound effect on our mental health.  However, sometimes its not as easy as we think.

So if you are struggling with your sleep, here's a few tips you might find useful...

1) Dim Down:  Turn off bright lights - use a dim switch if possible.  This also applies to electronic devices such as phone, tablet / computers

2) Don't Overdo It: Intense exercise or working too late can hinder your rest.  Try to finish up office work or get to the gym early on in the evening

3) Sleep Diary: If you dont have a FitBit or watch to monitor your sleep, its worth starting a sleep diary.  Log the time to drop off and how well you felt you slept.  This can help pinpoint potential issues. 

4) De-Clutter: Ensure your bedroom is tidy and free from clutter.  Set the temperature to a comfortable setting and maintain it.

5) Cut out Caffine: Cut out caffine 5 hours before sleep and you'll be set for a better nights rest.

So if you are struggling to catch those 'z's', try these simple tips - after all, its FREE! 


27 Mar 2018
Suspension Training

Have you ever seen that piece of equipment that looks like 2 straps hanging out of a wall or ceiling at your gym and wondered what its for? If yes, then here’s a quick insight!

What is suspension/TRX training?

  • It is essentially a training method that combines the use of the “straps” with your bodyweight to produce a multitude of exercises.

How does it work?

  • It takes our body weight through a manipulation of angles, levers and pivot points.
  • It allows you to stay in contact with the floor whilst you use your bodyweight to work the muscles of your upper and lower body.
  • It angles yourself against gravity so your body weight is the resistance.

What are the benefits?

  • Core stability-your core is always working with TRX training! The term “core stability” refers to the control of your trunk and its girdles during exercise and everyday life.
  • Muscular strength & endurance-specific regions can be targeted in an “isolated” fashion, but the body can also be challenged as just one unit working from top to bottom all in one go. All exercises help with strength & endurance plus ROM (range of movement)
  • Flexibility-TRX equipment can assist by increasing the ROM in one specific region/muscle or allow for a lengthening to take place through a number of regions.

Motor Skills

  • This type of training has the ability to challenge, and therefore develop your balance-which some people find one of the most difficult aspects of training.
  • Your coordination is also put to the test on this training-another area a lot of people find challenging!

This training is challenging and a great all rounder so next time you are in the gym get a qualified instructor to introduce you to it- you won’t regret it...

TRX Suspension Training

20 Mar 2018
Because She said so...

Someone asked me the other day why I employ a nutrition coach to help me on my bodybuilding journey… after all, I’m a qualified Personal Trainer - I know what I’m doing, so why pay someone for the same service?

My answer:  Because I’m no different to anyone else!

Accountability has so much value when it comes to achieving goals.  I started this season off trying to do things on my own.  It was tough and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t give up my cup of tea (or 5) each day.  However, as soon as SOMEONE ELSE told me I was no longer allowed tea as a part of my diet plan, I stopped….like someone flicked a switch…I didn’t even bat an eyelid!

Having someone who I report to, someone who I know will be chasing me on my progress makes all the difference to me – and the same goes for my clients.  One of my clients recently posted a picture on social media with the words ‘Because Faye said so’, and this pretty much sums it up.

So if you are not quite reaching your health and wellness goals, maybe it’s the accountability you need to consider.  Whether that’s paying for a Personal Trainer, or buddying up with a friend who is going to make sure you turn up at the gym when you say you are going to – sometimes it can make all of the difference.

Who's gonna kick your butt to help you reach your goals?

Kicking Butt

14 Mar 2018
You can't spot reduce!

When I told my Mum I was competing again in body building, the first thing she said to me…..

"Just don’t lose weight in your face.". 

Love my mum, but I then had to explain to her that unfortunately it doesn’t work like that (if it was that simple I'd still have boobs!).

‘Spot reduction’ is an all too common conversation I have with clients – people approaching me asking how they can lose weight on their stomach or their bingo wings.  Unfortunately 100’s of sit ups or constantly working your triceps isn’t going to cut it!  Whilst you’ll be toning the muscle underneath, it’s going to have little impact on burning the fat in that particular area.

In simple terms, when you eat, excess calories are transformed into stored, subcutaneous fat. When you exercise, this process is reversed and the calories are metabolized into fuel for the muscles.  Any form of work-out will encourage your body to burn calories, so in short, any sort of exercise will help you drop the pounds.

If you want to lose fat from one area, you’ll have to lose weight all over. That means regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is key to success.  Don’t waste your efforts on 100’s of sit ups, instead concentrate on the exercises which work the larger muscle groups – for example legs, chest or back to encourage maximum calorie burning and therefore overall weight loss.

Now go burn those calories! :)

Spot Reduction

05 Mar 2018
Women empowering Women

There’s nothing better than socialising with friends, so why not train with them too?

Friends empower and support friends, and the benefits of finding a training partner can make a world of difference on your health and wellness journey.  Accountability and commitment is a great tool to ensure you remain on track – making sure you don’t let other people down by ensuring you drag yourself to the gym or exercise class on days when the comfort of your duvet seems so much more appealing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no magic formula for success – you need to WANT it, you need to WORK at it, but equipping ourselves with the right tools (and as many tools as we can) can see us lay the foundations for a better outcome.

When I asked my clients at Pole Train Fitness what our classes meant to them / how it made them feel, these are some of the words they used:

*Empowerment | Passion | Community | Friendship | Lifted | Support | Achievement*

Note that there is nothing about weight loss or toning!  What we have built is all about the community – how our members feel and what makes them keep coming back. 

Have you ever thought about your chosen form of exercise and why you enjoy it?  Would it be better with a gym-buddy or friend by your side to support and encourage you? Next time you take that trip to the gym / exercise class, pop your bestie a quick phone call – after all, training is better in numbers….

.....and a cheeky coffee and chat afterwards wouldn’t go a miss ;)

Pole Train Fitness - Women empowering Women!  What empowers YOU?