Our Pole Fitness classes give you a chance to learn a variety of spins, transitional moves, combinations and routines. Improve your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and confidence with one of our structured pole classes. Classes are structured by ability, allowing you to work at the right level for you. If you are familiar with pole fitness and are looking for more of a strength based workout, then our Power Pole class might be for you. Unsure of your level? Please contact our instructors to discuss.

PAYG: £12 / Class Tokens: 2

Our Pole Silks classes give you a chance to learn something that little bit different. Introducing the Silks into your regular pole class can give you further fun and variety. Improve your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and confidence with one of our structured pole silks classes. Classes are mixed level unless otherwise stated.

PAYG: £12 / Class Tokens: 2

Our aerial hoop classes give us further variety to our timetable, and further ways for you to experience fun ways to exercise. A fantastic art form, aerial hoop provides a challenging yet enjoyable workout, helping to develop core stability and strength, as well as balance and flexibility. These sessions are 1 hour in duration where you will learn core moves, combinations and routines.

PAYG: £12 / Class Tokens: 2

Engage your minds as well as your muscles! Blending elements of strength and flexibility, our Bend & Flex class will give you a challenging workout. Focusing on posture, core stability and body alignment, this workout is geared towards building strength and flexibility.

PAYG: £7 / Class Tokens: 1

Looking for fat burning and toning? Our Circuit Training classes give you a fun and varied fully body workout, challenging you both physically and mentally. Great for burning those extra calories and toning those key muscle groups. Why not give it a try?

PAYG: £7 / Class Tokens: 1

Those age 5-15 can now enjoy the benefits of aerial fitness, giving them a fun and engaging way to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Our Aerial Fitness classes see children taking part in a mix of Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop and Pole Silks, introducing them to a host of moves, tricks and combinations to challenge them both physically and mentally.

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From routine nights to photo shoots, our events will be announced via our website and social media so keep an eye out for the next event. Once confirmed, bookings can be made via our Bookings & Availability page.


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